NTA NEET 101 Speed Tests (96 Chapter-wise + 3 Subject-wise + 2 Full) [eBook]



The Smart & Innovative Book from Disha 'NTA NEET 101 Speed Tests' contains: 1. 96 Chapter-wise + 3 Subject-wise + 2 Full Syllabus Tests based on the NCERT & NEET Syllabus. 2. Carefully selected Questions (45 per Chapter /Subject & 180 per Full Test) that helps you assess & master the complete syllabus for NEET. 2. The book is divided into 3 parts: (a) 96 Chapter-wise Tests (28 in Physics, 30 in Chemistry & 38 in Biology); (b) 3 Subject-wise (1 each in Physics, Chemistry & Biology); (c) 2 Full Test of PCB. 3. Time Limit, Maximum Marks, Cutoff, Qualifying Score for each Test is provided. 4. These Tests will act as an Ultimate tool for Concept Checking & Speed Building. 5. Collection of 4815 MCQ’s of all variety as per latest pattern & syllabus of NEET exam. This book, if completed with FULL HONESTY, will help you improve your score by 15-20%. A Must Have Book in the last 3-4 months of the exam and can be completed in 105 Hrs.

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Disha Experts is a team of most renowned and prolific content writers pioneering in School and Test Prep segments (Competitive Exams & Government Vacancies). It consists of more than 30 experts comprising of PhDs, B-Techs, PGs, etc. working full-time with decades of experience in various academic and competitive exam verticals. Disha Experts has emerged as a think tank in the School and Test Prep segments providing the most updated (latest pattern & syllabus-wise) to-the-point student friendly (relevant & easy-to-understand presentation) content such that the aspirants can give their best.

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